Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sword of Damocles, Update

The proposed 2% cut in my salary is now a proposed 3% cut. There is a rumor, which I hope is greatly exaggerated, that my state senator is pushing for a 5% cut.

Other measures New Mexico is considering include taxing groceries.

Put in a suggestion yesterday that the teachers in my situation, alternative licensure candidates teaching on provisional licenses, be grandfathered. Also let my state senator know that the cuts they are talking about would force me to leave the community, seeking work elsewhere and taking my economic activity with me.

The CV has been polished, the resume updated, and a request for transcripts is in the works. I am now officially 'looking.' Not hunting yet, but definitely looking.

[Photo: the New Mexico state legislature, known as 'the roundhouse.']


Nathan said...

I got nailed for a good 10% over two cuts last year. Teachers are such easy targets sadly.

quid said...

I am so sorry, Algie. If it is of any comfort (and I know it is not), I took a corporate pay cut, as well.