Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tempest In A Bigtop

Many bows and thanks to Adam Gertsacov for sending me this photograph.

That's your humble correspondent, playing Prospero in a circus adaptation of William Shakespeare's The Tempest. The production toured Rhode Island and Massachusetts in the summer of 1997. Caliban, seen here, was portrayed by Adam in a huge puppet. The cast was a mix of actors and circus performers. Our director was Bob Colonna. Prospero functioned as the ringmaster, naturally, and for the role I had to learn several classic magic tricks.


Adam said...

Thanks Algernon. I've got a bunch of others I need to scan in.

The great thing about this production is the denouement of Caliban. Usually at the end of the play, Caliban is left banished to this island. We made it so that Prospero cast his magic spell, and lifted the enchantment that made Caliban a monster, and left him to live on the island as he was intended, as a man. It leaves it with a really powerful and positive feeling, rather than the negative fate of Caliban in most other productions. Brian McEleney told me after the show that he really felt that we had solved the problem of Caliban in this production, which I felt very good about, as the idea of Caliban as wild animal in the circus, and the idea of liberating Caliban from the mask were both mine.

Algernon said...

It was a wonderful solution -- and very well played by you, sir.

Adam said...

Oh go on...

No, I mean it, go on!

It was a pretty good production, all told.

I still have Caliban, and occasionally take him out to play!