Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Would You Like Fries With That?

Last night, I received word via email that I am being arbitrarily dropped from my current course at WNMU's School of Education. There is some confusion over whether I have been dropped from the program. The place is really a mess. Last week, I received a letter asking me for a pile of documents, all but two of them documents I have handed in multiple times.

Most hilariously, they asked for my academic transcripts for the seventh time. My old colleges must be sick of me.

There is a time limit for completing my credits with respect to my job, and so the disdainful negligence of this institution is now threatening my employment, in a community where there are very few jobs.

My last thread of hope is the possibility of a transfer to another institution, with a reputation for being competent, although it is further away. Otherwise, I may soon be asking interstate travelers if they would like to supersize their lunch order.

Was this all a big mistake? It's a tempting question, but useless. My first class of the day will arrive in a little over an hour -- Shakespeare for fifth graders. The great work continues until it has to stop.


Anonymous said...

You should call your undergrad and grad institutions--particularly RIC--and speak to someone in the Registrar's office, explaining this situation and asking for help. I've found that a call from another Registrar might help.

I'm so sorry you've been trapped in something that sounds like Gilliam's Brazil, since I'm sure you're the most over-qualified elemnentary school teacher in the entire state.
Let me know if I can help.

Pam said...

Wow, Alg, I really hate to hear this! I have ceased to be amazed at the rampant incompetance surrounding much of our educational system.

As I get older and older my patience for this level of ineptitude grows thinner and thinner.

Kyle Lovett said...

I feel your pain. I took me almost 5 times to get my transcripts for my recent job, I finally had to go drive down to my old college and walk in personally until they gave them to me.