Thursday, February 25, 2010


It was a small thing, just a moment between us, but it was new. Every day there is something new.

Gabriel had been driving his mama crazy all day, and he needed some new scenery, so I took him out to the winery. He loves to stomp around in the grass over there.

Stomp stomp stomp, stomp stomp stomp. I followed him around while he explored the field in front of the tasting room, down the walkway, knock on the wine barrels, and head into the driveway and parking area. Millions of little rocks! How cool is that?

He got curious about the patio and made an approach, but the step was steeper than what he was used to. Steps are still kind of new, and the step up to the patio was a little high for him, so he gave up. He turned around, looking disappointed.

"You want to go up there?" I asked. "Go on and step up. You can do that." I'm not used to seeing him give up on things.

He turned back around and looked at the step. (He understands everything we say to him.) Made his approach again but did not like that step one bit. "Go on. Step up." He raised his foot. "Give me your hand, I'll help." He extended his hand and I took it. His legs are strong enough, but he doesn't quite have his balance yet, especially with high steps. He got up the step and walked around the patio with delight. "There, you can do it!"

Smiled. Proud of himself.

I've watched him try new things and accomplish them, but this was the first time I got to prod him and watch him do something he thought he couldn't do.


Kelly said...

I thought for a minute you were going to say he helped stomp the grapes!

Always fun and satisfying to interact with our kids this way. Good of you to give Sarah a break...and see the reward you got in return?

quid said...

Priceless moment. Thanks for sharing.


Debby said...

It is one of the daddy superpowers. Good job, Super Dad!