Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fifth Graders and Macbeth

My fifth graders are reading Macbeth. They are ahead of schedule, in fact, having finished the second act on Monday morning. Violence, witches, evil -- what's not to like?

It is sometimes hard to get them to play, but if I do it, they'll do it. So yesterday I greeted them at 8:45 in an improvised "weird sister" costume, addressing them in the manner of the witches, bidding them enter my room as I played my drum.

Droopy 8:45 eyelids fluttered and they checked in with one another. Our teacher is insane.

Waking up a bit, they worked together in groups to act out scenes from Act I -- the scenes where we meet the witches and hear their prophecies for Macbeth and Banquo.

Still in my village idiot costume, I challenged them to discuss with each other the age-old question about Macbeth's moral choice: did he choose his actions, or was it simply prophecy fulfilling itself?

Very intelligent responses. A debate took place, in Spanglish, among one group. One boy mentioned Lady Macbeth and talked about the pressure she must be putting on him. (We hadn't even gotten to that conversation yet.)

They are an impressive group. On to Act III today. And I really should take this silly outfit off.


P.S. I'm starting to pronounce "Banquo" like the Spanish-speaking students do. "BAHN-kwo." We are a long way from Scotland.

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Kelly said...

I get the impression there is never a dull moment in your classroom.