Thursday, February 04, 2010

Stranded in Truth or Consequences

I didn't even clear the Chihuahuan Desert.

The town of Truth or Consequences is the seat of Sierra County, New Mexico. It was called Hot Springs until they renamed themselves after the radio quiz show in 1950. I had traveled about a hundred miles from Deming, past "T-or-C" (as it is called by New Mexicans) to Elephant Butte City, when the car began to struggle and slow down. Its acceleration had been sluggish in recent days, and I had vowed to take the car to Gigi, an honest mechanic in Deming, next weekend. (Payday.)

I pulled off the interstate hoping to struggle to a service station or at least a downhill road. No go. Literally. The car finally came to a stop and would go no further. By this time, I was on state road 181, a two lane road with no traffic or lights. There was a drizzle of rain falling, and with the mists falling on the heathland around me and the sense of total isolation, I felt as if I had just broken down in the first scene of Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Bubble bubble, engine trouble.
Deep blue lake and mountain rubble.

The kindly witches arranged a tow truck for me, after a brief misunderstanding where they waved their witchy fingers and --poof!-- an absurd and hideous apparition with a somewhat ingrown nail appeared in the road. "Oh!" said the first of the witches, "You wanted a tow truck! We were wondering."

Most luckily, I have a friend in town, and for the moment I am pleasantly stranded here, waiting for the diagnosis.


Ji Hyang said...

kwanseum bosal...

Kelly said...

Sorry to hear of your car woes. Good thing about the local friend, though. Let us know the outcome.

Debby said...

Jeesh. You have had your share of equipment malfunctions lately. Sounds like this one worked out a little better than the others.