Sunday, February 21, 2010

An Unimaginable Republican

I've been sort of grazing through this history of the Works Progress Administration during the Great Depression by Nancy Rose, and was startled by a reference to a U.S. Senator from New Mexico.

At the time that Franklin Delano Roosevelt assumed the presidency, New Mexico was represented by Republican Senator Bronson Cutting. When Roosevelt bailed out the banks, Cutting was "sick at heart" -- because FDR missed an opportunity to nationalize the banks.

For a moment, my mind ground to a halt at the concept of a Republican in national office advocating this position. Indeed, he lamented that this was Roosevelt's "greatest mistake." As a matter of fact, Senator Cutting emerged as one of the Roosevelt's staunchest critics -- from the left, in particular on banking and monetary policy.

What party would such a man call home today?

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