Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Boogie Like A Happy Lobster

Some time ago, I had this cute idea. My wife directs a children's theatre troupe and after adapting one play for her from a fairy tale, I mused out loud (big mistake) that I might write an original one-act for them. Lickety-split, it became an assignment.

With school and everything else that comes up in the course of a day, this play sat on my mind's desk for months. A cute play called Revolt of the Lobsters. Just the thing for kids in a church theatre group: it takes place in an exclusive seafood bistro, anchored by a VERY temperamental French chef who is not what he seems to be. The lobsters decide to revolt, so they wait until closing and take the place over. In scene 3, the chef finds himself being served to his snobby guests as the main course.

You know, innocent fun. Hope they don't run me out of town for this one.

Anyway, spring break came and I finally got the thing done and emailed. Sayonara, lobsters.

And the sun is out, and the boy is now saying "flowers" and "poop" and counting to ten, and my wife smiles more because the weather is happier, and I still have a little bit of spring break left. How do I feel about that?

Whee, let's dance.

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quid said...

And now a children's play!! A true renaissance man. With a perfect video for illustration. Love the B-52's. quid

Just poop? No poopy?