Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bored Hole, Bored Reader

Not much to report and don't feel like spouting off.

Deming Zen Group celebrated its first birthday this weekend with a public dharma talk that was well attended.

Gabriel counts to ten.

I sort of got dragged to Deming's annual "Rockhound Roundup," a lollapaloozah of rocks, gems, minerals, geodes, etc. Leave it to me to go to a stone expo and buy a piece of wood.

This guy was selling walking sticks. I looked through them -- some finished, some rough. A few had silly carvings on it, fake glyphs and stuff like that. There was one stick I admired because it was very simple and undecorated -- and I noticed this interesting hole in the wood.

I asked the guy what the hole was for, and he said, "I didn't do that." It was the work of carpenter bees. They bore holes to hide their larvae in there, hoping a woodpecker does not find them.

We joked about bees or honey coming out of the walking stick in a few days' time. I bought the thing. We'll see.

So, a bored hole -- and by now, at least one bored reader. Beware the Ides of March and idle blog posts!


Nathan said...

congrats to your zen group!

Kelly said...

I like hand-carved walking sticks. Wish your camera worked so you could post a pic of yours.

Way to go, Gabriel, on the counting!! In English or Spanish? (good time to work on both)

Algernon said...

Nathan: thanks! We just keep showing up.

Kelly: Maybe we'll replace the camera when we pay off our computer.