Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Morning Gehry

Frank Gehry has been turned loose on another city, and is reportedly delighted with his latest feat of ugliness. Really, what am I missing here? This is a world-renowned architect and I'm just not seeing anything beautiful about his buildings. I am astonished he thinks of that as an antidote to the "cacophony" of Vegas.

In Los Angeles, his Disney Concert Hall had to be expensively modified because the glare from his polished-steel monstrosity was blinding drivers and causing car accidents, and raising temperatures in nearby apartments.

Nothing personal -- I'm just not getting it. Yuck. What on earth is the appeal of designs like this? My eyes wish they could vomit.


Nathan said...

I don't care so much for his celebrity status and the desire of places to be "seen" by having a building of his, but I find his buildings interesting for some reason. Beautiful? I'm not sure I'd say that. But they cause me to stop a minute and think about design, even if I don't care for the particular design in front of me (like the Weismann Gallery on our U of MN campus.) I've seen half a dozen of his buildings in person, and they all have had that same "stopping" effect. You're right that some of them might even be called "ugly," but they certainly can jolt us, which sometimes is exactly what's called for.

Kelly said...

I prefer my art and my architecture along more traditional lines.

Debby said...

I can't quite get past the vomiting eyes. LOL.