Thursday, April 08, 2010

Bombs, Blow, and Barbecue: Life in Deming

Flowerbox in front of our home, last spring

A barbecue grill, a bag of coke, and some grenades. Just another spring in Deming, New Mexico.

Our neighbor, Waldo, had his grill stolen a couple of weeks ago.

Report the theft or not? He wondered whether to bother. It was an old grill, not very valuable. It had sentimental value, though -- an early gift from his wife. He filed the report. The police wrote on pads, said they'd get back to him. The loss of his grill was reported in the police blotter in the Deming Headlight.

A couple of days later, a pickup drove slowly down the block and stopped. Waldo was in the front yard. The visitor said, "You lost your grill, right?"

"It was stolen, yeah."

"I might have your grill." They talked about it. Waldo described the grill. The driver kept nodding and said, "Yeah. I'm pretty sure this is your grill." The driver went away and came back a short time later, with the grill. It was Waldo's.

"So where did you find this grill?"

"I bought it from a bum."

And off he drove.


We've had wind storms in Deming, lately. This is typical of the arrival of spring. We get blasted from the west steadily at 40 miles per hour with gusts up almost to 60, sometimes picking dirt up from the desert floor and spraying it into everything. It also picks up all the loose trash and blows it everywhere. You would almost think plastic shopping bags are the state flower around here.

(Sidebar: Win Mott, local columnist, reminds us how we can help contain the dirt storms.)

Our next door neighbor is a city cop. He rents the house and lives there with his wife and two children. Recently, the wind deposited something extra special in their backyard.

A bag of cocaine.


A guy who lives on property way out on the Old Lordsburg Highway was getting ready to raze a couple of old sheds, and he was cleaning them out. Never know what you're going to find in these old sheds -- especially in Deming.

He discovered World War II-era grenades and some dynamite. The police had to call in an explosives unit from Fort Bliss.


Nathan said...

Kind of a strange place you live in. Just kidding. Kind of :)

Kelly said...

Interesting happenings going on in Deming.

Windy in south Arkansas, too. No bags of cocaine here, though. Just lots of yellow pine pollen.