Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How Our Landlady Knew We Were Moving

Our landlady frequently drops by the three kit houses she owns on our block, watering the lawns and so forth.

Yesterday, my wife saw her and gave notice that we are moving. By her report, our landlady was positively sherlockian, saying, "Oh yes, aren't you buying that house on Spruce and Nickel?"

Stunned, my wife asked, "How did you know?"

"I saw you hadn't planted the flower boxes here," she explained. "I figured you were tending flower boxes somewhere else. When I drove by that house the other day, I noticed the flower boxes had been planted, and God told me, that's their new house."


Kelly said...

I was going to applaud her deductive reasoning (I read lots of mysteries) until I got to that last line.

But hey, I believe (preparing myself for possible ridicule from some readers) God does speak to us in a variety of ways! Who am I to say...?

Glad you're moving to a different neighborhood!

Little Mama said...

Yup, that's what she said. Uncanny, isn't it?

Algernon said...

Thanks for the comment Kelly, but did you really worry that any of our frequent reader/commenters would ridicule you for that? I feel so sad about that -- it has never happened on this blog, and since I approve the comments, I would know.

(For the record, to date I have only rejected three comments that I can remember. Even these rejected comments were not offensive or insulting -- they were advertising spam.)

Kelly said...

Sorry, Alg. I didn't mean to imply that you or your other readers would actually ridicule me here. My apologies.

I'm just use to the occasional eye rolls etc. when I spout some of my thoughts out loud. A recent conversation about "aliens" was one of those times..... then look what Steven Hawking had to say this week!!

Algernon said...

Yes, the eye-rolling. It really does damage to conversation. I am sorry.

Pam said...

Pam is rolling her eyes ( just for the heck of it ) at her sister! :)

Yep, so glad you guys are getting out of that neighborhood!! I do love the look of the new-to-be homestead!

quid said...

Felicitations on the new house.

And, as one who has been subject to the eye rolling when I whip out one of my deep thoughts in polite society instead of on the internet.
No one eye rolls me on the internet.

Oh yeah. Maybe they do. I just can't see it.

Algie, I think you rejected a couple of my comments. Or maybe I was just too much of a tired insomniac to pass the word verification!


Algernon said...

Reject comments by you, Quid? Never!