Monday, April 19, 2010

Mountains and Dandelions

On Saturday, our local group hosted its largest retreat yet, with a dozen people sitting. The turnout was largely due to a large group from Silver City and Hurley, as we were retreating jointly with our friends at Silver City Zen Center.

Out at a ranch south of town, we sat in Maria's beautiful stone chapel and took our walks outdoors, bowed to the Florida Mountains, ate lunch together in silence, and at the closing circle talk the reflections were brief, sincere, and full of gratitude for this passing life.

The following day was about pulling weeds at "the new house," where we have been given permission to start planting and composting. The dandelions have taken full control here, with root systems thick as utility cables. It has been snowing mulberries all month, so by quitting time we were sniffling and itching.

Gabriel busied himself with a little game whereby he picked up small stones, threw them as hard as he could, and then shouted, "Apple!!"

I tried it myself. It was oddly satisfying. "Applesauce!!" is not a bad cuss word, actually: it includes plosive and sybilant sounds, along with lamenting vowels. Oh, applesauce!!

Ah, and it is now Monday morning. Time for school -- but first, let's post your Monday Morning Gabriel...


Kelly said...

The pollens have me itching and sneezing like crazy, too!

Maybe Gabriel will be a major-league pitcher someday. Or a third baseman.

Ji Hyang said...

a full retreat and a Gabriel story--
the joy of being alive :)