Sunday, May 30, 2010

On Location, Day Two

A 12-hour day, most of it spent waiting around in a seasonally-inappropriate costume, sweating out the day.

We shot outdoor scenes today around the house that is the setting for most of the film. The neighborhood is full of irrigation canals loaded with water, and today most of the yards were flooded, including the back yard where we are working. By sunset, the mosquitos were lively.

Despite a number of small problems that caused delays, we stayed on schedule and even had time to sneak in an extra shot.

In one little room of the house, someone has already started editing scenes, and invited me to watch one of mine. I accepted with trepidation, as I have a hard time looking at myself on video, but watched and was surprisingly pleased with my work although of course I gave myself quite a few notes.

We wrapped after we lost the sunshine, giving me enough time to drive the hundred miles home, where I arrived just in time to see my boy to sleep. (He fell asleep on my shoulder clutching the train someone had given him as a gift today. He is still sleeping with it as I write.)

Back tomorrow for more.

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quid said...

Sounds marvelous, even if you have to be in El Paso! Enjoy!