Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Silhouette

At Marvimon, a venue for special events located near L.A.'s Elysian Park, a wedding took place last weekend and I was in town to do the honors. It was one of those awful, fast trips to L.A., where one doesn't even bother calling most friends because there is no time to see them.

The couple have an amusing story. They met on opposite ends of a job interview, or rather, a series of them. She was applying to a design firm for a job, he turned her down multiple times. She eventually won the job and the interviewer. Game, set, match? They are now starting a family -- and a design firm of their own.

It was a lovely wedding, albeit much too large for the venue, which slowed dinner down as servers squeezed through thin spaces between dining tables and guests pressed through one another to queue up at the single toilet.

Before dinner, as I crossed the room past the area where food was being prepared, a guest named Karen snapped this picture with her cell phone and caught the trip -- and my life at this difficult juncture -- in a single image.

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Kelly said...

Interesting photo.