Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Zen Group In The News (UPDATED)

The Deming Headlight has come out with a story about the Deming Zen Group. Not bad, with a couple of nice photos. Click here to read.


Wow. I wasn't prepared for some of the hateful comments people would leave on the paper's website. If you click the link and scroll to the bottom of the story, you can see for yourself. People calling for me to be fired, calling me names. Skyoooooz me for livin', gang.


DeeAnne said...

LOL... god help us.

I am sorry that someone who CLEARLY had some other issue had to use this platform to attack you. It was a really nice article and the comments actually ended up being funny and showcasing you a bit more with your clever, polite, and appropriate responses. Well done!

Kyle said...

OMG Holy crap....are there seriously that many ignorant people out there? Those comments were a testiment to intolerance...they just need a robe, a pitchfork and a rope.

Keep up the good fight brother!

Kelly said...

You should have known, Algernon. The world is filled with narrow-minded, intolerant, judgemental people. They're often the most vocal, too. Not to mention how much easier it is for them to be vicious behind an anonymous comment rather than face to face.

Nice article despite the comments.

Algernon said...

It is a nice article, actually. I felt like the reporter treated me and the group fairly. I was embarrassed that it was so much about me (with my name in the headline even), but so what.

The forum that is linked to the newspaper is its own little universe. Anyone who does anything publically in Deming gets vilified. County managers, sheriffs, local clergy, community leaders, candidates for office, they all get dung thrown at them by this same cast of characters.

There are people ignorant enough to call and complain to the district, I imagine. There may be people at my wife's church who try to give her grief over this. That would be sad, but we're ready for it.

It is interesting to look at how people perceive the schools. Some people think we teachers are totally muzzled when it comes to religion. Not true. A teacher can be a faithful Christian and there is no expectation that they have to hide that. (On the other hand, if you're a muslim or a hindu or even a buddhist, I guess a different standard applies.)

And some people seem to think that we're all alone with the kids with no supervision. Also not true. I am required to document my lesson plans. I have surprise visits to my classroom by instructional leaders and other administrators. My classes are periodically videotapes for review and critique. And of course, kids talk about what goes on in class. There are no secrets in the classroom. It is a public place, literally paid for and maintained by the people.

quid said...

OMG... although it seems that cooler heads prevail in the later comments, this is the kind of backlash and upheaval we are seeing from intolerant extremists all over this country. Somehow, anyone who doesn't believe what they believe needs to be vilified.

I'm having a hard time adjusting to this "brave new world".

About the article. I thought it was a great piece about what you are doing in bringing a different cultural element to that part of NM. And you look mischievous in the picture. That can't be bad!

Hope this is a tempest in a teapot, Algie.


Algernon said...

It's a tempest in a teapot. But when everybody LIVES in the teapot...

quid said...

And the whole damn country feels like a teapot. Unrest....maybe this is the new decade?