Sunday, June 06, 2010

Elton John Sings For Rush Limbaugh

We'll be saying nothing nasty about Rush Limbaugh in this entry, even though the man himself makes a lucrative career from saying nasty things. That's his gig. It has paid him well enough that he owns a pretty good piece of real estate in Palm Beach, and it is here that he celebrates his fourth wedding this weekend.

As human beings, the Burning House says congratulations and good luck to the bride and groom.

What's raising some eyebrows this weekend is the presence of Elton John, who sang for Rush's wedding at a reported fee of a cool million. Mr. Limbaugh, of course, is an inveterate gay basher, whereas Elton John has backed full marriage rights for gay people. Some are asking, would this not have made for a strange scene at Rush's wedding?

Oh, come off it. These guys are in business. Rush wanted Elton, Elton named his price, and Rush paid it. On some level, I suspect Elton John understands that Rush Limbaugh is a showman. He makes money bashing gays, among other things. Whatever Rush truly believes in his heart, he is not sincerely campaigning for an improved society. He's putting on his show and making his money. And Elton John needs money, too.

The only thing that makes this remarkable is the notion, a sweet notion, that people actually believe in what they say. How, then, could Rush invite this gay man to entertain at his own wedding? How, then, could Elton John go and sing for this figure?

Without sentiment, it's actually quite clear. Cha-ching. No other meaning.


In a chattier vein, if you had a million bucks, who would you bring in to play at your wedding?

I'm thinking Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys from L.A. That wouldn't even cost a million. I don't think Sarah would be happiest with that choice, but we'd probably fall together on Rodrigo y Gabriela:


Kelly said...

Says something about both parties, doesn't it?

We eloped, so no money spent on a wedding. Besides, I'm not sure I could decide who to hire (much less be able to agree with my husband about it).

Little Mama said...

I'd let you have Janet Klein. :)

Adam said...

We had the great band Isle of Klezbos, which is a lesbian klezmer band that rocks (they also form the more conservative Metropolitan Klezmer)

I'd love to have a wedding-palooza with my million dollars-- Smoking Jackets, Big Nazo, Little Jack Melody and his young Turks, Corn-Mo. And a few circus acts in there as well-- I could easily get The Seven Fingers of the Hand (les sept doigts de la main. And I'd probably still have a lot of money left over to purchase lots and lots of appetizers.

quid said...

Rush. Elton. Money. Synonymous. I agree with your conclusion.

(Saw Roderigo y Gabriela in Ybor City a few weeks ago, magnificent!)

I'm on a Tony Bennett kick lately, so Tony can play at my next wedding. Maybe Stevie Wonder. Simon and Garfunkle. James Taylor and Carole King. I better hurry. They're all showing their age.