Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good For Reno!

From High Country News:

Give a cheer to Reno, the first city to install wind turbines on the roof of its city hall, says the Reno Gazette-Journal. The 17-story roof already has two 1.5 kilowatt "hoop" turbines and a third is planned, while elsewhere in the city, a handful of other turbines are being tested for their effectiveness in different environments. Reno Mayor Bob Cashell predicted that the fastest-spinning turbine is bound to be on the southwest corner of City Hall, right over where he works: "All the hot air is coming out of my office," he said.

[Photo: diagram of a wind turbine from Machinery Lubrication.]


Kelly said...

I think the wind farms are a great idea.

Of course it inflames those who worry about the dangers to the migratory birds. Someone will find something wrong with every alternative proposed.

It's not windy enough in my parts for wind power. I'm hoping they'll come up with practicle, affordable ways to use and store solar power.

Algernon said...

You are quite right, and this points to the reality that no matter how we extract energy, there is a cost to the environment. Not just birds. Those turbines aren't going to be made out of wood, after all: they require metals, metals that need to be mined. So we still have mining.

The hardware for harvesting solar energy has come down a great deal, but is still beyond reach for many homeowners. That's a problem. My state has a tax rebate program to help, but even so -- I'm not sure how to afford it myself.