Thursday, June 03, 2010

More Tales From Location

While we shoot footage in El Paso, there is a young man closed up in a small room surrounded by computers. He is the film's editor, already on the job doing rough edits of scenes. There is no film involved. It is entirely done on film-quality video. One day, having arrived early and finding myself with a bit of waiting-time, the editor let me watch him click, drag, replay, and put together part of a scene we had filmed a couple of days earlier. He was so expansive as to give me a little primer on the software and told me about well-known film editors he respected.

Amazing. We are so far past the days of covering the floor of an editing room with pieces of film, cutting it and splicing it together. I asked him if he had ever touched actual film: nope. He is wholly trained in the digital era.

There are some driving scenes in the movies and we have been spending time doing those. On projects with a larger budget, there are specially-designed cars mounted to trailers, or modified to accommodate cameras. We don't have those kind of toys. We do, however, have the means to rig up the photographer so that he can ride outside the car and film me driving down a deserted street at 15 miles per hour. For other shots, a camera is mounted inside the vehicle, and a camera man does the driving.

Late at night, in the dark, the first zombie moment was shot. A relative of the director submits to a lengthy makeup job. His skin is transformed and made horrible, blood around his mouth, and a special paste of oatmeal and stage blood is prepared and applied just before the camera rolls. A scene where the truck's headlights reveal a zombie in the middle of a road was filmed without incident. More late-night zombie scenes will follow this week.


Kelly said...

So is this one I'll be able to put in my queue at NetFlix when it comes out?

I actually purchased The Cellar Door (wasn't that the name of it??) for my son since he was into horror flicks at the time. Of course Pam, Quid, Marion and I watched your scene multiple times before I passed it on to my son.

quid said...

Can't wait to hear more! We had a great time watching the Cellar Door when we were all together in Nachitoches, LA. At least, the 3 who stayed awake loved it. I enjoyed my glimpses between snores.. no reflection on the movie!