Thursday, July 01, 2010

Calling All Avant-Gardeners

The Balboa Motel and Restaurant are open for business on Pine Street in Deming, but it seems the pool could use a little work.

Seeing this, I have wondered more than once: since things are growing here, wouldn't it be neat if this could be deliberately converted into a sunken garden? It would be an unusual and distinctive feature.

The big problem to solve would be drainage. This might require drilling some holes into the bottom, which looks to be concrete. What's underneath? Hmm.

Any avant-gardeners want to brainstorm this one?


Kelly said...

Hmmm. You've got me thinking.

I know a couple of folks who filled their pools in with soil and planted grass or flower gardens.

Jen said...

I think I'd be afraid to stay at a motel that had a pool like that...