Saturday, July 31, 2010

Listen to Dreyfuss

This morning, I had to wake up extra early, pour two mugs of coffee into myself, and make a long drive into Las Cruces and then north on the I-25 to a lonely rest stop where Folklore was filming for the day.

On my way up there, I listened to KRWG and heard the actor Richard Dreyfuss give a lecture and take some questions at the Commonwealth Club in California. His topic was his own Dreyfuss Initiative, a foundation pushing for a rigorous civics education in all our schools.

It is well worth some listening time. He is an engaging, entertaining, passionate speaker, with a keen mind and a patriotic interest in republican democracy. He senses, correctly, that republican democracy is in imminent danger of failure.

So have a listen. If you want, pour yourself some refreshing water with lime, or another beverage, perhaps a snack, and just enjoy the time. Here is the link again.

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Kelly said...

My internet connection doesn't lend itself to links like this, so thank you for also providing the link to The Drefuss Initiative website. Very interesting.

I definitely believe civic literacy is important for all Americans!