Friday, August 06, 2010

A Glimpse of Mickey

He is a rattlesnake.

In this photo, courtesy of Johnny Tabor, we get a glimpse of Mickey, the character I play in his film, Folklore. Back in April, I told you the story of how I landed this role. Now the movie is in production and I've been busy filming.

Mickey is an unpleasant fellow, running cocaine across New Mexico in a white van protected by three motorcycles (including his own, a handlebars-over-the-head Harley). He is wearing the colors of the Hell's Angels, and coincidentally that shirt exactly matches the shirts issued to violent offenders in El Paso.

Full makeup requires more than an hour. My skin is painted to look leathery and sunburnt. Teeth are painted to look discolored and slightly rotten. Tattoos are hand-painted on my neck and fingers, because for some reason the instant tats will not adhere to my skin. Then I am fitted with the hair and put into wardrobe.

In this scene, however, I am actually talking to some of the actors about meditation while we wait (and wait and wait and wait and wait). Here is the full view, with the gorgeous sky over Radium Springs:

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