Monday, August 16, 2010

On the Set of FOLKLORE

Long, hot days way out on a little country road heading north from Corralitos Ranch, out in Dona Ana County west of Las Cruces.

We are filming a movie entitled Folklore, in which I play a mean-spirited biker by the name of Mickey. We don't have the budget for air-conditioned trailers, and we shelter as best we can, although there is scarcely any shelter to be found in the 105-degree heat and blazing sun.

These cows gently make their way around us, doing their thing, occasionally strolling into the horizon while we are shooting. Sometimes, when we go off to find a place to pee, we meet up with a cow -- or even a wary bull.

Mickey (the character I play) is a person who, shall we say, has not yet encountered the Dhammapada.


Kyle said...

Great photos, I can't wait til its complete so I can see it!

I love violent biker movies! :-)

quid said...

Now it's Mickey.... the summer you were not who you are. You look authentic.


Kelly said...

Careful around those bulls! Ours has an unnerving way of making eye contact that I don't like (or trust).

Debby said...

Um. Do not strive to get in touch with your inner biker.