Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Word From Our Sponsors

Good morning.

In a few minutes, I'm getting into my car for the first time in days, and making a trip up to Silver City. Upon my return, Howard S., who runs a violin repair shop in the neighborhood, is coming over to help me put a new window into our Zen Group's dharma room. This project has been waiting for a long time and will make a huge difference to us.

Our first week of school went more smoothly than any of us expected, so there was much happiness on Friday afternoon. (Even more than the usual Friday afternoon happiness.) Then I received a memo from our principal in which she talked about our district's budget woes, and the creative work she's been doing to bring revenue into the school.

The steps include getting approval from the district to sell advertising space on the fence around our school. As kids approach the school for a day of learning, arriving puffy-eyed and sleepy as early as 7:30, they will first be saturated with advertising messages -- just as they will be for the rest of their lives.

My principal is left with little choice and for this, too, I feel sadness. The idea occurred to me to reach out, find philanthropists who understand the importance of education and who are, unlike the state, willing to help fund it. Get them to buy the advertising space and leave it blank.

More likely, however, will be messages from Coke and Deming's numerous payday loansharks adorning our temple to learning. So it goes.

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Our innocence is lost.