Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Finishing the Movie

We got close.

One more long day in the sun this past Sunday (my scenes are almost 100% exterior shots), this time at Boot Heel, a fictitious ghost town here in Deming. It's not a movie set -- this man actually built a ghost town. The hotel is actually an old frontier-style hotel, with bedrooms. It is located inconspicuously down on Hermanas Road south of town.

The producers, the director, and the crew hauled ass to finish photography on Sunday, but the best gaffer in the world cannot hold the sun in the sky. We finally ran out of light with some motorcycle footage left to shoot.

So the beard stays a little while longer, and the restless spirit of "Mickey" (my slightly unhinged motorcycle-riding character) roams still.

Indeed, there have been hints that if a sequel is ever produced, Mickey may ride again.


Rev. Paul Dōch’ŏng Lynch said...

so life sometimes follows fiction, but heck, we are what we are and after all it is all good. You still look like a convincing biker, this is the power of illusion, and what Buddha warned us not to put our faith in. I can't imagine a more gentle soul than you, and yet there it is. Just keep clear and follow your heart is all I can say. Congrats....

Kelly said...

So you'll be shaving your beard as we enter into the cooler Fall months. Kinda backwards.

Of course I'm gonna want to watch this once it's available. Keep us posted.

quid said...

Great pic of you! I'm thinking Mickey could be your version of Mad Max... complete with sequels.