Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Going Slow, and A Call to Playwrights

Good morning.

There is a lovely spot in the back yard with a peach tree and a magnificent old stump. During the summer, I had occasional opportunities to spread a blanket out and sit there. These days, not so much. The to-do list opens like an accordion.

A creative announcement:

A call to all writers! Some friends of mine back home who started a successful theatre company have issued a call for plays, and there is even some minor compensation involved. Go here for the guidelines and have a ball, write something. Anyone can submit. Tell 'em I say hi.

My writing time is limited at the moment. When I'm a good boy and get my academic homework done, I work a little bit on a radio play that I was supposed to have finished by now. But like many things, it's a slow process.

Slow processes are fine. Good peppers don't pop up overnight.

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Kelly said...

I love your "thinking spot" pictured here. Bet Gabriel likes it, too.