Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good Policy Is Sexy and Tastes Good

No verbose opinions this morning. Just something I want to share.

The article I would like you to read dates from February of 2009, but the story it tells is ongoing. Indeed, it began in 1993, when a new mayor of a poor Brazilian city declared access to food a right of citizenship -- a right. What a wonderful, bold commitment to make to one's citizens. How do they do it?

The how is important here. It's not difficult to understand, the photographs are neat, and it displays the kind of problem-solving we could embrace in our own country if we were willing. It did not take an enormous amount of money. It did not lead to government "taking over" and becoming "authoritarian." It was not a battle of "socialism" versus "capitalism."

This is a story about good policy, that's all. Not sexy enough for American news media to talk about, I guess, but it sure helped a bunch of hungry people down in Belo Horizonte.

Here's the story, written up by Frances Moore Lappe.

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Kelly said...

An interesting and encouraging story, Algernon. Thanks for sharing it with us.