Monday, October 25, 2010

Boats and Bikes

Good morning.

Our son is two and a half and we live a life of surprise and play.

Last night, my wife and I were at the dining room table when we heard a noise elsewhere in the house. We looked and from the hallway, Gabriel emerged pushing a shower caddy that he had loaded up with things from the bathroom. He pushed it along the floor towards the living room. With a quick look up at us, he explained: "Boat!"

This is pretend play and it usually appears at age three or older. We had already noted symbolic play, in which the stuffed monkey eats and brushes its teeth. Now already we've got the beginning of imaginary stories. We are also witness to long, imaginary phone conversations, which he does to process his day.

When he is not irritable, he is quite a joy to be around. And he has good taste. Lately, the video that has captivated him the most is The Triplets of Belleville (2003). The music, the old dog, trains, bicycles: he watches the whole thing intently. And when the sisters are eating their horrible frog stew, he turns to me and exclaims, "They eat FROGS??"

He has also taken well to going on bike rides with papa, as previously reported here. The bicycle is such a wonderful addition to life here, even with the flat tires. Somehow there is an enhanced sense of liberty in pedaling from one destination to another, so that even in the midst of an awfully busy existence there are these little spaces of freedom. What if I had had a bicycle in Los Angeles? Would my mood there have been different? No way to tell, but I can guess I would have assessed the quality of life there differently, since my worst stressors there were related to cars and traffic.

And it is just about time to get on that bike and go to school, so we close here this morning.


Kelly said...

I'm not familiar with that movie. I'll have to check out the link.

You need to take that boy to a restaurant where you can order him some froglegs. Think he'd try them?

It's nice seeing photos of him again.

quid said...

Such a big boy! I loved Belleville.. it was beautifully conceived. I like your metamorphosis from auto to bike. He sounds truly entertaining and wise beyond his mere years.

Sigh. Did I mention my youngest turned 24?