Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thomas Paine Friends

Saturday greetings. This will be a short post, as there are leaves falling here and a little boy who just might need to jump into a pile of them. Know what I mean?

Recently, I was elected to the board of directors of Thomas Paine Friends, Inc. This is an organization centered on interest in the philosophy and writings of, well, Thomas Paine.

Since getting elected to the board, I am now included on what is a surprisingly active email discussion about Paine, mostly concerned with reconciling Paine's ideas with the nation the United States has become.

I'm rather enjoying reading all of these emails, and discovering a diversity of political preferences among the participants. Thomas Paine serves as a center of gravity.

Many people try to claim Paine, but like a true independent citizen and thinker, Paine cannot be claimed. To borrow a metaphor from Zen, he is a cow with no nostrils, and cannot be led into anybody's pen.

Here is the organization's website. If you find Paine of interest, I recommend the organization. The newsletter, while low-tech, usually has some interesting reading material, and the annual dues are a paltry $10.


Kelly said...

What an interesting metaphor...a cow with no nostrils!! I like that.

Hope the boy enjoys the leaves.

Sabio Lantz said...

I loved the cow's nostril also.
Your previous posts seemed like you were very much of the democrat ilk -- but Paine's image to me is as a libertarian. Maybe this is an example of how everyone tries to make him their own. Smile

Algernon said...

As in the Democratic party? I've little use for them. In fact, it seems to me Paine's concerns about political parties have turned out to be well-founded indeed.