Friday, December 17, 2010

A Nice Theatre

Currently, your correspondent is in rehearsal for Crime and Punishment at the No Strings Theatre Company in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

The adaptation of Dostoevsky's novel is by Marilyn Campbell and Curt Columbus, and quite an achievement: a large and (some would say) unwieldy novel is here condensed quite skillfully into an evening of theatre that zips along without even an intermission.

Last night was our first rehearsal on set, which meant a tour of the theatre. The owners designed and built it as a theatre from scratch -- it isn't some commercial building adapted for use as a theatre. The building is designed as a theatre and shrewdly makes the most of a small footprint. There is an actual scene shop, a dressing room, an upstairs green room, and a big storage room for costumes and props. It's the nicest facility I've worked in since I still lived back east, working at Trinity Rep and Wheelock Family Theatre.

Crime and Punishment opens January 21.

[Photo: Black Box Theatre in downtown Las Cruces, home of No Strings Theatre Co.]


Kelly said...

Wow! Crime and Punishment with no intermission?!

quid said...

Very cool. The theater looks wonderful!


Algernon said...

Kelly, it is quite an achievement. This play moves fast and concludes within 90 minutes. To be sure, the novel is pared down, but it is an admirable stage adaptation of Dostoyevsky's work.