Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stop Torture of Bradley Manning

[Following sent as a case request to both of my state's U.S. Senators.]

Dear Senator,

I am writing to request your intervention or at least a public comment on the detention conditions of Private Bradley Manning of the United States Army.

Private Manning is being held at the U.S. marine brig in Quantico, Virginia. He is accused of leaking classified information to WikiLeaks, but as yet there has been no conviction nor anything resembling a trial.

News media are reporting that Private Manning is held in conditions guaranteed to cause long-term psychological damage. He is in solitary confinement, isolated for 23 hours per day. This has been his situation since his detention began in May of this year. While sitting alone in his cell he is under constant surveillance and for some peculiar reason, sources are reporting he is prevented from exercising. Although he is not on suicide watch, he is denied pillow and bedsheets. He is taken out of his cell exactly one hour per day.

Sources talking to the media report that Manning is now on a regimen of anti-depressants to delay the inevitable psychological damage these conditions are designed to induce. Again, this man has not yet been convicted of any crime. And even with a conviction, these conditions constitute cruel and unusual punishment. Our own nation once defined conditions like these as torture. Apparently, the U.S. is now a darker nation.

I am personally furious to see my country treat any prisoner in this manner, under any circumstances; but much less when the prisoner has had no trial, and will very soon if not already be incompetent to participate in his own defense. This is torture without any semblance of due process. Is this our country, Senator?

Please do respond either with a comment or an enquiry into this matter.


Ji Hyang said...

good work.

Jomon said...

I've been thinking more and more of Pvt Bradley Manning ever since you posted this. Thank you.