Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Trip to Santa Fe, Amidst Uncertainty

The relative quiet of this blog will continue for a couple more days, as your correspondent is leaving for Santa Fe to teach theatre workshops for New Mexico schoolteachers.

The trip comes as I hear rumors -- rumors, so we don't know what the facts are -- that art teacher positions are on the chopping block for next year.

Yesterday the first cell phone I have owned since 2008 arrived. It is blue and resembles a vitamin pill; I wonder if I could actually swallow it. I'm barely tech savvy enough that I was able to set it up without hiring a teenager to do it for me. It has 25 ring tones, most of which sound like club music.

In four weeks or so, the second child is due to arrive, and preparations are underway. I'm still waiting to hear if the leave I requested will be approved. And so it goes. Two days of conferencing and training with teachers from all over our state, many of us wondering with good reason if we'll even have jobs in a few months.


Nathan said...

Busy times. May you have ease with you during all of this. Best of luck with the state legislature.

Kelly said...

I pray all goes well for you and your family over the next month or so, Algernon.

Keep us posted... especially when the baby arrives!

quid said...

Keep the faith. Enjoy your time teaching other teachers. They will love your wisdom.

Posted my Wisconsin piece today, so drop by. I think what happened there will be almost better for your situation in NM, but time will tell.

Hugs. quid