Friday, March 18, 2011

Back to the Dharma Room (Under Renovation)

Deming Zen Group is moving back into the dharma-room-under-construction. As you can see, there are exposed rafters waiting for insulation, which will come after the electrician updates the room with new outlets and lighting. (If the group ever leaves this room and finds a space of its own off our property, the room will become an office.)

Yesterday, despite a brutal sinus infection, I got up there to do some cleaning up and begin setting up the altar again while my son played outside. (Gabriel enjoys our buddhas very much, saying hello to them and announcing, "Booodah! Boooodah!")

In May, our guiding teacher visits from Lawrence, Kansas, and we are all looking forward to that. Ahead of that I am putting a little more effort into reminding folks that we are here, friendly, and easy to approach.

Spring is arriving with some lovely days lately. If you're around on Sunday, come on over and sit.


Mandy's Kidding said...

Hello Algernon!

I haven't read you in years, used to read you on MySpace. I just had to share the instant smile that spread across my face to read, "while my son played outside." What a joy to know you're a dad.


Peace to you and yours,

Mandy (AKA Buddha Mama)

Lorianne said...

I love how simple your altar is!

Algernon said...

Mandy Buddha mama! How nice to hear from you again!

Lori, yes. Everything is pretty stripped down and simple here. The folks attracted to Zen practice around here don't have a lot of interest in Buddhism or philosophy so far as I can tell, they just like to show up, kick off their shoes, and sit. (The regulars also like chanting.)

Nathan said...

I'm getting ready for the outdoor zendo to open again when spring finally pops it full head out here :)

Algernon said...

Outdoor zendo, nice. I trust mosquitoes are not an issue?

Nathan said...

Mosquitoes aren't an issue in April, May, and October - lol!