Saturday, March 19, 2011

The NPR Bill Doesn't Save Taxpayers One Dime

It is not always easy to use right speech when communicating with politicians, especially when they are unresponsive, and most especially when they are involved in dealings that are foolish, greedy, or just plain mad. Occasionally I reprint my attempts and today I took a moment to write my Congressman about the House vote to defund NPR, which is unlikely to become law. It is significant, however, in that it shows that the majority party in the House, while claiming to be all about cutting spending and creating private-sector jobs, is actually proceeding on a cultural agenda.

There are different kinds of letters one writes to politicians. This is in the category of "You're Not Fooling Us."

Rep. Steve Pearce
570 N. Telshor Blvd.
Las Cruces, NM 88011

RE: H.R. 1076, Defunding NPR

Dear Congressman,

Last week, H.R. 1076 passed your with 'aye' vote. The bill would direct the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to allocate none of its funds for programming by National Public Radio.

This bill was presented as a bill that reduces federal spending. To quote one Congressman, it would reduce "job-killing federal spending." Any informed citizen, however, can look at this bill and notice that it does not save one single dime of federal spending. The bill does not adjust the CPB's budget, it merely directs the CPB not to allocate any of its budget for NPR.

Forgive me for suspecting that the bill's supporters have other reasons for promoting this legislation, as NPR appears to be an iconic institution in the fabled "cultural war" which some of our politicians are dedicated to waging.

My question for you, sir, is for what reason you supported this bill. Were you under the impression this reduced the federal budget? Or was this, so to speak, a cultural battle?

You and your staff are very busy, but I am genuinely interested to learn your thinking on this matter. Thank you for your time and service.

Most Sincerely,

[Note: Pearce is part of a Congressional study group that has recommended eliminating the Corporation for Public Broadcasting altogether.]

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