Saturday, April 23, 2011

Catching Happiness

Gabriel, not yet three years old, is now able to catch the ball. Most of the time. His pride, his sense of accomplishment, is immense.

It is no bitter thing to glimpse such happiness through his eyes.


Ji Hyang said...

time passes so swiftly, Gabriel continues to be such a wonder.Thank you for sharing these glimpses.

Hal Johnson said...

Wow. Suddenly, he looks so much older. Maybe that reflects his big brother status.

Pam said...

He is just adorable, as always. He's looking more like a little boy these days.

It's so special to see those moments of joy in the little things (big accomplishments to a child) through a little one's eyes.

Kelly said...

My thoughts, too.... how grown up he looks!

Thank you for sharing this little glimpse into your life with us.

Mandy_Fish said...

It looks as though he has the whole world in his hands.