Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How's the Weather in Bangalore?

The affable Bill Boomhower, doing business as Computer Consultants here in Deming, has excellent bedside manner for a computer doctor. He and I sat in my office stooped over the three year old PC, our ears to the CPU as it clicked repetitively.

He winced sympathetically. "That sound is probably bad news about the hard drive."

It had gone bad suddenly. I had just about enough time to back up our files one last time before it would not even boot up in "safe mode."

There was worse news still. Sarah and I thought we had been meticulous when setting up the computer in 2008, carefully storing the CDs with all our software and drivers along with the license keys in case we ever needed to reload them. We neglected to order back up disks for the operating system. You need to do this if you buy a computer with Windows already loaded on it. We forgot. Now we had a problem.

All right then, lemonade from lemons. We are now operating on Windows 7 -- an upgrade from Vista. Installing everything made for an interesting evening. When it comes to mechanical problems, and I have trouble getting a human being to help me ("Press 1 to hear more recordings; Press 2 to return to this menu; Press 3 if you want to smash your phone to pieces"), my buttons get pushed. I can feel my body temperature change, feel the energy move in my body, note the thoughts that appear -- the increased likelihood of uttering something sarcastic if/when a breathing person ever does get on the phone with me.

It was a great relief. With the help of a lot of breath, I did not utter nasty comments ("So how's the weather in Bangalore??") and the person who got on the phone from Microsoft support was knowledgeable, clear, and quite helpful. What do you know.

So we are back. Not that you've missed us terribly -- there is plenty to read in the great blogosphere.


Don DAmmassa said...

Computers are great tools as long as they're running right. One corrupt file can ruin your entire day.

BillBoom said...

Hello Algernon thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you're back up and running! We make a good team and that is always my goal for customers, friends, family. I would like count your family in 2 of those categories.
Bill Boomhower

Kelly said...

Actually, I DID miss you, Algernon.

I'm glad you were able to get through a nasty situation with your sanity intact. (it IS still intact, isn't it?!?) Computer problems can be so frustrating!