Friday, August 19, 2011

And now, for your viewing pleasure, the Drama-tizement

A few weeks ago I posted about the health services commercial I acted in, and now the finished product is complete and has been posted online. So you get to watch it, if you like. It is 7 minutes long. Someone on Facebook described it as the "Steel Magnolias" of health care commercials. So enjoy that. (Your humble correspondent plays the working-shmoe husband, white version.)

Procrastination (High Rez) from anthony dohrmann on Vimeo.


quid said...

This was beautifully filmed. I get the "Steel Magnolias" reference.

You make a good joe-schmoe, Algie. But your mother didn't look old enough an didn't look enough like you.

I enjoyed the music backdrop.

I'm proud to be working for a nonprofit that is expanding into Nursing Home Diversion and PACE, both programs sponsored by Medicare (while we still have it) that assist families who are caring for their elders by taking some of the burden off, and assist seniors with strategies like those this firm has, and more.


Kelly said...

This is quite nicely done. I agree with Quid, though... that's an awfully young looking mother for you!

Mandy_Fish said...

I would have made some minor changes to the story. Your character would have been a retired astronaut and I'd have put you in a convertible Corvette. Perhaps you would have been dating your next door neighbor. And then her daughter could have come down with cancer...oh wait. That would have been the "Terms of Endearment" of healthcare commercials.