Sunday, August 07, 2011

"Last Days" screenings

Last Days, a movie in which I performed last summer, had its first public showing at the Plaza Classic Film Festival on Friday evening.

The screening filled up the Philanthropy Theatre, a smaller upstairs venue at the Plaza, a beautiful old theatre on El Paso's Pioneer Plaza, recently restored. (If you find the history of old theatre buildings interesting as I do, here is the Plaza's life story.) The show was followed by some Q&A with the director, Andrew Jara.

It will be seen next at the White Sands International Film Festival in Las Cruces. On Saturday, August 27, I'll be there to participate in Q&A with Andrew. If you're in the area, why not come on down?

[Photo: your humble correspondent in a scene from Last Days (2010). Click on it for better view.]


Kelly said...

I hope I get to see this. Think it will make it to Netflix?

Algernon said...

It's quite possible. Other independent movies have made it on Netflix. I'll keep you posted.

quid said...

An excellent photo of your "criminal" other self. How exciting to be able to go to a viewing so close to home. Enjoy!