Friday, September 09, 2011

Head Shots

No income since July. It's cutting into the savings a bit. On the plus side, I'm less of a stranger to my family, the house and the yard are also getting more attention, and I've had time to try opening some new doors.

A few weeks ago, I went up to Albuquerque and updated my actor "head shots" for the first time in a decade. This is a chore I always hated doing when I was in the business. I'd have to find some studio in New York or Boston, trudge up flights of stairs with my numerous outfits, and sit around while a photographer struggled to light me. To be fair to them, I was a lot more uptight in those days, too. It was difficult to get good pictures out of the session. I often looked hazy, peevish, and deadly pale.

These days, perhaps, I'm a little more loose. It also helps that the Snowdens are so much fun to work with.

In fact, my photo shoot with Steve and Leah Snowden one early morning was the most fun I've ever had doing headshots. Our rendezvous was at 7:30 AM in Albuquerque's old town, whereupon we simply ran around outside, shooting pictures here and there before the shops opened, taking full advantage of the ample natural light. It felt loose and even mischievous, as when I found surreptitious places to change clothes and shave my moustache. Steve's a good photographer, Leah likes spotting places, and their sense of play is infectious. We stopped our photo shoot for a few minutes when Steve spotted a black widow, and got some pictures of her, too. (Wonder if there is an agent for spiders; she was a beauty.)

As a result, five good professional headshots, depicting numerous "character looks." There's a good businessman/dad picture, a blue collar guy picture, a menacing guy picture, a good leading man shot with moustache, and a cute smiling shot for comedies and light stuff. I was very pleased with these results.

So now I'm seeking representation. Several years after I thought I was retiring from this nonsense. There is some paying work here, so might as well submit.

[Photo: Yes, that's actually one of my head shots from the Albuquerque session in August]


quid said...

This is a great photo... and a great idea for you. My wish is that one of these job proposals takes root and allows for the return of some badly needed teachers.

I think you were born to teach.


Kelly said...

Very nice, Algernon!

Pam said...

Love the new head shots!