Sunday, September 25, 2011

On the Burning House Archive

Post #996. What a fekkin' blabbermouth, eh?

Yet there are a handful of folks who enjoy these musings, some of whom have joined us more recently than others. That's why we added those labels you see to the left. We have slowly been editing and modifying these, and tagging old posts, so that readers can click on topics they find interesting and perhaps enjoy an old post. There are posts here going back to 2006, you know. (And the blog is older than that -- having originated as a Friendster blog, and migrating to MySpace for a while.)

So click away, and fritter away even more of your precious time in the Burning House archives.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Thank you for the tags. My anal/OCD tendencies like the orderliness.

I'm glad I was able to transfer all my Blogger posts to WP. I just wish I'd had the capabilities to do the same when I left Yahoo360. Unfortunately I deleted my account there and lost it all. (but I did print it out as I posted it)