Monday, October 10, 2011

Goodbye, Richard Hannay

Well hello.

Oh hi. Fancy running into you here.

It's the forth bridge. I made quite a daring escape from a train here, you know.

Yes I know.

Come to say goodbye, have you?

It's time. I can't say The 39 Steps is my favorite play ever, but it was rather fun working on you.

Thanks awfully. Not much like you, am I?

Oh I'm in there, mixed up with Robert Donat and my grandfather. You're a little more "dashing" I suppose.

Heh. Cheers. I say, you're looking a bit sad. Is it always like this when you finish a project?

Not always. Some goodbyes are harder than others. Chemistry, you know.

Ah. Well I don't know much about acting, but I've had to say goodbye to people I cherish. Not easy.

Do you miss them?

Well, I'm a fictional character, more or less created by you, so I suppose I miss people the same way you do.

Hmm. You're sort of a "carry on" type. Do you feel this kind of sadness when you're missing someone you cherish?

Of course, lad. But there is nothing to do, really. Just miss them.

And now you're going to tell me to carry on.

Of course. You've got a commercial to finish. Go to it, fellow. You're needed in Las Cruces, not here in Scotland.

Right. Well, take care.


[Photo: The cast of "The 39 Steps" at No Strings Theatre Co. in Las Cruces. If you follow the link in the text above, you may enjoy some photos from the production.]

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