Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Few Minutes with Richard D. Wolff

This post consists of two YouTube links. They are actually audio, although you will be treated to a photograph of the speaker laughing. This is appropriate, because the speaker is perhaps America's funniest economist, Richard D. Wolff.

Richard D. Wolff is an impeccably trained economist, a professor emeritus at the University of Massachusetts and a visiting professor at my alma mater, The New School.

He is perhaps the leading proponent for the idea that the time is ripe, in our country, to examine our economic system intelligently and, once we are done laughing about it, consider systemic reforms. In other words, it is now okay to critique capitalism as a system and stop worrying that you are going to be derided as a Stalinist or a pedophile or a terrorist or whatever people want to call you.

It is okay to learn and think. Especially when lives depend on it. Y'know?

Plus, Wolff is hilariously funny. Who knew, an economist who could describe economics as if it were a standup comedy routine? This man is a treasure.

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