Sunday, November 13, 2011

First day of the workshop!

Some of the topics covered in our first class today:

Using imagination and the body together at all times

Connecting breath to movement (walking series)

Directing and transmitting intention (which is a better word than the vague "energy")

Reframing "strength" (the miracle of the unbendable arm)

The vocal apparatus

Consonants and how they help you act

Sidebar: the sensual phonetic pleasure of profanity (not about the content of the word, but rather the emotional release of short vowels and chewy consonants)

After a break, ensemble movement/theatre exercise (team collaboration)

Reading Moliere scenes

Acting: peeling away the onion layers that make "I." Sharing fully-realized humanity with an audience.

Sidebar: catharsis in tragedy

Contact sheet, other business, and see you next week.

Eight wonderful students, four men and four women. I love this.

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Spiritual Abhay said...

Very Nice post, I liked it. I will defiantly share it with my friends on Facebook. thanks again.