Friday, November 04, 2011

I Want Her

I began writing fictitious letters to the moon as an enjoyable exercise and for a while they became a regular column in a now-defunct literary magazine. To read more of these letters to the moon, click the "letters to the moon" tab over on the right.


Dear Moon,

It's something about her throat. I want to lower my head and rest my nose on her throat to feel her warmth - I don't know what comes over me. I want to rest my ear there and hear her breath become her voice. I want my face there when her sweat breaks through that lotion she wears that smells like berries. I want to feel her shudder when she gets tired. Yes, I like to see her tired. Then I will feel her weight and watch her eyes close.

When is she coming home? It's getting cold out here. Still, moon, give me time: I haven't thought of an excuse for being here.

Stop. I don't want a reason. When she sees me sitting here for no reason, she'll know the real reason and then I'll watch the awareness move up her spine. That's what I want.

I want to see the moment she surrenders.

I want to feel her instinct rebel and break free, choosing my breath and my embrace.

I want her throat on my lips when she says


So moon, let's you and me sit here for no reason and just wait.

Let her see us waiting for her.


Kelly said...

What an enchanting idea! I enjoyed looking back at all the others.

quid said...

This was simply wonderful! Can't wait to read the others.


Baker said...

Wonderful post!