Friday, December 02, 2011

Donatello and Gabriel

Gabriel dashes through the house in his favorite slippers, slippers that come up above his ankles and flare out ever so slightly. He wears no pants, to facilitate potty training. He runs about as an olympian force, much to the terror of the furniture and the delight of his baby brother. Occasionally he pauses, and in an instant as he stands languidly collecting himself or merely surveying his environment, or simply being like a magnificent cat, I catch glimpses of Donatello's David.

Donatello's David may actually be Mercury -- look at that hat and that pose. And Goliath was not slain with a sword. No, this looks like Mercury, perhaps just after slaying Argos as a favor to Zeus.

The natural sensuality that Donatello brought out of this bronze is truly a wonder -- it has been provoking diverse reactions in viewers for just about six centuries.

I would write more about this, but Mercury has just approached me and asked me to hang him upside down. You know how it is.


Kelly said...

That is a gorgeous piece and from what little I know I would say it was Mercury, too.

Of course my favorite David is Michaelangelo's - one of the most impressive sculptures I've ever seen.

Alexandria Breuer said...

In my art history class, we too noticed the illogical placement of the sword on the piece. Maybe to cut off his head after slaying him with the stone?

Very beautiful piece. I was lucky enough to stand in front of it last spring. I love the imagery of your son. Thanks for sharing.