Sunday, January 01, 2012

Lucca's Police Dog Blues

Beautiful boy loves the blues, and after a difficult evening contending with three incoming teeth and a nasty cold, he finally fell asleep on New Year's Eve to Hugh Laurie's voice and bendy guitar. What does Lucca dream as he falls into sleep to a song about a dog?

"Come on!" urges Officer Dog, sniffing the cherry tree exploding with red blossoms and white tear drops, nose picking up information everywhere. Clues! Clues! Run run run! "Papa Squirrel is out and about," barks Officer Dog. "If we don't catch him he'll eat all the applesauce!"

"I'm hurting. It hurts. It hurts. Can you make this stop?"

Officer Dog looks fondly on the boy and tosses him one of his favorite bones. It is ice cold and covered with a fascinating little bumps and dimples. It is an amazing blue color. Lucca turns it over in his hands with wide eyes. "Chew on it!" says Officer Dog. "It'll soothe the pain. Come on, let's catch Papa Squirrel."

Papa Squirrel is up in a tree and indeed he is eating all the applesauce along with Big Brother Squirrel. Officer Dog and Lucca scurry up the tree -- what's this?? I can crawl! I can climb! I can move very fast! -- and they are chasing, chasing, chasing. Papa Squirrel and Big Brother Squirrel see them coming and both make furious squawk sounds and everyone is running, ha ha ha ha ha ha, running, running. Cherry blossoms fly everywhere making sweet chiming sounds while everybody runs up up up to the top of the tree.

Now Lucca loses his balance and he is falling with the cherry blossoms, rocking side to side, sweet chiming sounds, and he falls through the air slowly, slowly, slowly, scarcely feeling himself land on the soft warm skin of his mama's arms.

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Kelly said...

Awwww - bless his little heart.