Friday, January 13, 2012

Theatre Workshops in Las Cruces, February - March

My most recent workshop was a bit of an experiment: a workshop for actors in voice and movement, applying the techniques to rehearsing and performing classical farce. The assigned scenes all came from one play: Moliere's Tartuffe.

On January 8, we presented a public scene showcase, stringing our scenes together in a sort of abridged performance of Moliere's great farce. 35 people came out and paid five bucks to see the show, and participated in a rather lively discussion afterwards. It felt great. The students did very well and the audience was quite enthusiastic, watching raw theatre and discussing the play afterwards.

Since this was a success and there seems to be interest in theatre training in Las Cruces, I am offering two workshops in February and March, at the Black Box Theatre. There will an "Introduction to Acting" workshop and, for actors with stage experience (including returning students), there will be another scene workshop, this time assigning scenes from 20th century American plays.

Both classes will meet on Saturdays from February 4 through March 10. The intro class will meet from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM, and the scene workshop will meet 12:30 - 3:30.

And both classes will participate in a scene showcase at the Black Box Theatre on Sunday, March 11, at 2:30 PM. This will be advertised and open to the public.

The workshops are, I hope, challenging and engaging. The students seemed, at times, to be stretched in many directions at once...

...and that's just how it should be. Getting into our bodies, into the place where human needs create language, into the very place where "self" is conceived. During the Moliere workshop, we began referring to this as the "French Farce Fitness program," and so it was.

For information about these workshops or to register, email Come and play with us.

[Photos: Tracy Williams took many wonderful pictures of our class in December. These and more can be viewed on my Facebook profile.]

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