Monday, February 27, 2012

What I did while waiting in line

Time to renew my driver's license, I noticed recently. This required a visit to Deming's MVD office. In California, you can actually make an appointment in advance by visiting the bureau's web site, but here in Deming we use a time-dishonored system: taking a number and holding on to your ticket.

One morning last week, I walked into the office and took a number: 54! A quick look up at the monitor on the ceiling showed that they were serving number 22. This would take a while.

Holding on to my ticket, I left the office and got back into my car. I then drove across town to the Mimbres Valley Learning Center.

This turned out to be a lengthy visit. I dropped in on the center's new Director, a kindly man who had invited me to come and talk to him about possibilities of employment at the center. I brought my administrative resume as well as my CV, talked about some course proposals and ways to get my foot in the door at WNMU as a teacher that I hadn't already explored. We spent some time getting acquainted and overall the meeting was pleasant although the employment prospects short-term are unlikely.

After that lengthy visit, it was time to check in at the MVD and see where they were on the way to calling #54.

They were on 28.

So I made a trip all the way out of town, east into the farms and ranches of Luna County down Road 549, to the St. Clair Winery.

An inexpensive way to enjoy some decent wine in Deming is to buy bulk wine at St. Clair's. You can even set a ratio of dry to sweet that you prefer. For instance, today I went for 90% dry red wine with 10% sweet to give it some body. Even this proved to be a little on the sweet side, but it was still okay. A half gallon of this for six dollars, and it's in a glass jug you can rinse and use over and over again, cutting down on packaging.

So I filled up that jug and visited with the two servers staffing the tasting room. More time went by. Time to drive the several miles back into town and see where they were on the way to calling #54.

But there was time to stop along the way and take a few pictures of the pecan grove outside town. It's pecan harvest time around here, and they say this year's crop is good.

Back in Deming, they were on 32.

At which point, I drove out to Deming's airstrip and took a prop plane to El Paso Airport, connecting to a flight to Cairo. There, my old friend Sallah told me that my old nemesis Belloq was digging for the Well of Souls using a fake headpiece for the Staff of Ra. We soon realized that the evildoers had miscalculated the location of the Well of Souls, and we were able to surreptitiously excavate the proper site ourselves, determining the exact location of the Ark of the Covenant.

Time went by and there was a hitch when Belloq and the Nazis captured us and made off with the Ark, but they were a bit reckless and opened it up and, well, they lost their heads. So we got that sorted out and eventually I was able to get a flight back to America and find my way back to Deming to see where I was in the MVD line. Weeks had passed, so I was a little nervous.

But the timing was perfect. They were on 50. At this point I stayed put, sustaining my life by drinking condensation from the windows of the MVD building, and after several more days a weary employee called number 54.

Within minutes after that, I had passed my eye test, paid my eighteen bucks, and gotten the business taken care of.

Yeah, it's easier in California.


David Ashton said...

You had me going - almost all the way to the Well of Souls... :))

Kelly said...

Ha - this is good!

Arkansas went the way of internet renewal for tag registration some years ago, so now the only need for taking a number is DL renewal or changes/problems with the actual plates. This has reduced the wait time greatly.