Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Canyon is Closed

Somehow I find it inherently amusing when the road into Spring Canyon is closed as we see here.

This little gate and stop sign is entirely engulfed by this:

This road leads into Spring and Lover's Leap Canyons in the Florida mountains, where I went looking for easy trails for a possible Deming Zen Center activity. The Lover's Leap is a nice hike but not really suitable for the event we had in mind. It was worth looking, however, and nature didn't seem to mind my visit -- although the mountain bees were highly aggressive in defending their territory, and a snake in the brush made some noise to warn me off. (It was either shaking the brush or it was a young rattler -- a bit early for rattlesnake season.)

And the mountain poppies were by no means taking a day off.

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Kelly said...

What a lovely spot of color from those poppies!