Thursday, March 01, 2012


Seven months of unemployment. Someone I know around here told me he was out of work for two years before getting an unsatisfying job working nights.

After months without even getting an interview for a job, I started looking outside the region and suddenly I've got three interviews lined up, in different cities and even different states. Another sign that if I'm going to find any work short term, I need to move.

It's an impasse. My wife wants to remain here, and she is dead-set against Los Angeles even though my likeliest opportunity so far is back there. If I land the Albuquerque job instead, they would stay and I would visit on weekends, which means no theatre and being apart from my sons most of the time. Los Angeles would be an even more drastic separation.

Really? Must I choose between employment and being with my children?

We are still consulting and brainstorming in anguish, trying to create some other choices for us. We will keep you apprised; this is all the news for now.

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Karen P. said...

A friend and her family moved to Fargo from Dubai to be closer to family. She has a job here in Fargo, and her husband did too, but they decided he couldn't resist the high pay in the oil fields in the western part of the state. He's now several hours away for 20 days, then back in Fargo for 10. Their daughter just turned 5 this week and her dad called by phone. Somehow they're making it work, although I imagine it's not easy. Thinking of you as you find your way forward.